Jim O’Donnell
Executive Director
Military & Veteran Recruiting

Chase-Case Study

What role do you play in adding talent to Chase?

Prior to working with Veteran Recruiting, how did your company recruit veterans and military spouses?

What made you decide to work with Veteran Recruiting?

How would you describe the customer service with Veteran Recruiting?

How many veterans and military spouses have you hired since working with Veteran Recruiting?

What would you say to other companies who are considering Veteran Recruiting for their military recruiting programs

Convergys Results in Veteran Recruiting Virtual Career Fairs

  • More than 26,000 visitors to the Chase booth in 2014
  • Chase has hired more than xxxx veterans and military spouses since partnering with Veteran Recruiting
  • Chase has participated in 13 virtual career fairs since 2014
  • Chase has utilized their virtual booth to host a standalone virtual career fairs to recruit veterans and military spouses for their cyber-security positions

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